Imagine a world where the worry, doubts and uncertainty typical of anxiety help you decide the best paths and take action.

Imagine a world where stress is activating and helps you deal with the challenges at hand.

Imagine a world where fear helps you identify potential threats, so you calculate risks, improve planning, take risks and turn courage into a habit.

Imagine now, what your life would be like if all this became a reality.

This is the world waiting for you. On the other side of fear.


I write the book I wish I had read.
“Listen young lady, whoever says he’s not afraid is either a liar or a madman”


At the stage of my life when I had little more than a dream and a vision, I started the Conversations with Fear Newsletter. It remains to this day “the apple of my eye”. The space where I write with my heart everything that fear has taught me. Without taboos and with a lot of vulnerability.

In Conversations with Fear, I share weekly with all the fears, stories and clues for change. Fear is the main and essential character, which, unlike the other stories, is your buddy for life. The real facilitator on your path to unlocking and flourishing.

My gift to you is a captive place in this Conversation with fear.


I made the first post on the Mind Hacker Blog in February 2021. In a period of great vulnerability, feeling the urgency of a change, but without any clarity about the path. The fear of rejection was so great that I didn’t feel the courage to write in my mother tongue. For some reason it felt less threatening to write in English. Perhaps because this language represents many safe places and places of true happiness. In moments of great uncertainty, we also need a lap to risk leaps bigger than our legs. Have you had this experience?

The Mind Hacker Blog is based on the idea that you can learn to hack your brain. Because if you don’t, someone else will do it for you. Learning and (re)learning, challenging ourselves every day to question beliefs, activating curiosity as a way of being in life, are some of the principles underlying everything I share with you in these publications. Fundamental aspects for (re)learning the relationship with fear. Another journey where it is a privilege to have you as a reader.

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