When we connect, we gain a greater understanding of how we function and the importance of relating to others. The real pillar for our safety and emotional health. Inspiring and teaching are two ways I’ve always used to connect with others and the world around me.

I have been a “stage woman” for over two decades. Despite not being an actress. From presentations at conferences in Portugal and around the world, to classes at college and training hundreds of teams and organizations, there are many topics that make me vibrate. I prepare myself to exhaustion, I speak from the heart and I enter the flow when I feel the reaction of those who listen to me. I believe in the value of sharing messages, ideas and knowledge as a foundation for mutual growth. I run away from common places and I don’t hesitate to take people out of their comfort zones, to the places where learning happens.

Fear, courage, managing emotions, resistance to change, managing conflicts and counter-aggression, vulnerability and dealing with adversity, are some of my themes that are directly linked to Beyond Fear. But creative leadership, personal development and emotion management, therapeutic crisis intervention, collaborative processes and teamwork are the other themes my work has become known for.

For a small team or an auditorium full of people, I am happy to inspire and motivate those who can benefit from direct contact with me.

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