The best things in life are on the other side of fear.

The story of Beyond Fear

The story of Beyond Fear, begins with skydiving training in the 1980s and blossoms with a panic attack in the recent past.

This was the last sign, after so many others, that I had to change my life. I let go of toxic environments and people, and thoughts that kept me sick. I took a deep dive and understood that my journey is after all universal. Because our lives are driven by fear and everything we learn about this emotion is profoundly wrong. It was my 12-year-old experience jumping from the parachute tower at Tancos Air Base that introduced me to this first great lesson about fear.

I started a new journey. The riskiest ever, after finally giving stage to fear, which has been my faithful companion since adolescence.

I left a career of more than 20 years in the social area, leading 3rd sector organizations and as a leading social entrepreneur in our country. I embraced my 30 years of hard study, specializations, iteration, implementation, successes and many failures and created Beyond Fear.

My dream is that this safe space is also the platform you need for the jumps that will guide you towards the life you want.


Imagine a world where the worry, doubts and uncertainty typical of anxiety help you decide the best paths and take action.

Imagine a world where stress is activating and helps you deal with the challenges at hand.

Imagine a world where fear helps you identify potential threats, so you calculate risks, improve planning, take risks and turn courage into a habit.

Imagine now, what your life would be like if all this became a reality.

This is the world waiting for you. On the other side of fear.


Beyond Fear helps people who feel blocked, overwhelmed and overwhelmed by their emotions to regain confidence and control in their lives by normalizing fear, stress and anxiety.

When we connect with emotions and our inner world, we learn to decode their meaning, purpose and the needs they signal. We gain a greater understanding of how we function and how we relate to others. The real pillar for our safety and mental health.


All of our lives are guided by fear. Fear is a kind of compass that guides our choices and decisions. It’s like we have a superpower that unfortunately is underused. But it’s what we choose to do with fear that makes the difference. Which turns it or not into this superpower.

Alone, fear cannot activate your potential. It needs the help of 4 pillars:

Belonging • Accept who you are in all your fullness. Being part of a whole bigger than yourself and being deeply connected with the people who truly matter. The ones that make you feel loved and valued.

Mastery • Activate curiosity like a muscle. Maintain an active and healthy sense of challenge and growth throughout your life.

Surrender • Accept that it is not within your power to control everything around you and surrender to the process. Trust and let yourself go.

Pleasure • Surrender to the art of living life intensely and embracing limitless opportunities to choose to respond to your needs. And enjoy.


Choose to do differently. Embracing a path that helps you unlock and achieve what you want. A path aligned with your values, and where your essence is honored. You can keep waiting for the right moment. Or can you surrender to the challenge of curiosity and discovery, to answer the question “what if my life were different”?