I'm Katia

Clinical Psychologist. Social Entrepreneur.
Author. Speaker. Creative leader.
Change facilitator. Mother. Athlete.


I do orientation so as not to lose the north. I am passionate about life and I constantly discover things that excite me and distract me from the path. Orientation teaches me to stay on course, without taking away the pleasure of exploration and discovery.

I’m learning to say yes. And no. Yes, to the path I am taking, and which I have traced without restrictions, impositions or agendas.
No, to everything that diverts me from that path.

When I was a kid, I hid chocolates just for the adrenaline rush of eating them on the sly. A habit I keep to this day.

I suck at job interviews. Despite having interviewed dozens of people over the last few decades! I believe this is a sign that I must continue to design work that makes sense.

I have many fears. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of disappointing the people I love. Fear of losing my people. Fortunately, I learned to converse with each of them. Right now, it’s fears that give me the courage I need to plan and move forward.

I easily jump headfirst. When I believe in something, I have the right tribe and the purpose is aligned with what I value.

In an ideal world, I would live 50% of my time underwater. Diving and being submerged is one of the greatest pleasures and fears I feel in life.

I already had a panic attack. It wasn’t until days later that I realized I wasn’t dying. It was my body’s last signal to stop and change my life.

I have worked for over two decades with children and young people who are victims of abuse and neglect. I got to know their families, the stories of generations and the perpetuation of a cycle of abandonment due to the absence of protection and affection.

One of the most dramatic experiences for a child is to find out that if he disappears, after a week no one has come looking for him. His absence is not felt.

I also learned that neglect takes many faces and shapes. It is present in all media regardless of life circumstances or social status. Who is not loved, does not learn to love. He lives in emotional poverty not knowing how to show respect, affection, understanding or encouragement. Unfortunately, this is the daily life of millions of people around the world. These cycles of lack of emotions, generate toxicity in personal interactions, block growth and development, pushing us to a battle for attention, affection, life. The world loses. We all lose.

In an ideal world, all children without exception have at least one adult who loves them unconditionally.

This love is the engine to activate the circuits of the brain and heart that prepare the ground for the richness of affections and consequently relationships. It is the real fuel that prepares us for life. Everything else is done and learned!

My mission is to fight against emotional poverty. My purpose is to help people feel loved and valued.

I chose fear. Because I believe it is the mother of all emotions. Because all our lives are guided by fear.

If we (re)learn our relationship with this emotion, we discover that the best things in life are on the other side of fear!