Hi, I'm Katia Almeida!

I am a social entrepreneur and clinical psychologist and I use creativity and leaps outside the box to challenge limiting beliefs and generate alternatives in the way we manage emotions, relate and learn self-love.

I'm Afraid.
I solve problems.
I respond to your needs.
I talk a lot.
I contribute .
I love unconditionally.
I venture.
I write.

I’m afraid.

I discovered that our lives are driven by fear. I created the Beyond Fear® brand to help you normalize fear, stress and anxiety through (re)learning the relationship with fear.

I Solve Problems.

At a time when the most difficult young people were considered hopeless, I brought to Portugal, from the USA, methodologies and an intervention philosophy that allowed us to design and implement dozens of innovative programs. We contribute to the reform of the national system of care for the most vulnerable children, youth and families. I founded Pressley Ridge Portugal , which was the stage for these initiatives. We support organizations and thousands of professionals in our country and abroad. I led the first social businesses in Portugal. I was part of the Girl Move Academy leadership team and contributed to the dream, design and implementation of programs in Mozambique.

I talk a lot.

I’m not an actress but the stage is my home.
I prepare myself to exhaustion, I speak from the heart and I enter the flow when I feel the reaction of those who listen to me. I believe in the value of sharing messages, ideas and knowledge as a foundation for mutual growth.

I answer your needs

Despite having extensive experience as a university teacher and trainer, I don’t like the word train. I am a facilitator at heart and action. I use knowledge and experience to create the tools you, your team or organization need, in the areas of leadership, therapeutic crisis intervention, personal development, teamwork and collaborative processes.

I contribute .

I’ve been volunteering since my adolescence, in the world of sports. From the summer camps, to the Guias de Portugal, through the constitution of the Portuguese Orienteering Federation and the organization of sporting events.
I believe in the transformative potential of sport and contact with nature. Therefore, I give myself body and soul so that you can develop in these stages, the skills you need for life.

I love unconditionally.

I am a woman of tribes. I protect mine with the claw of a lioness and I can’t live without my Funtastic family. I have a life partner and adventures, a teenage son and daughter.

I don’t miss the opportunity to belong, feed and create new tribes – of learning, sharing and growing.

I venture.

I think I’m an athlete. Also because I was part of the national orienteering team. In another life, of course! Wearing the national flag and representing the country was one of the greatest prides of my adolescence.
I still compete in foot orienteering and mountain biking. I do Ultra trails, amateur diving and spearfishing.

I discover in nature and in the exploration of unknown and adverse environments the answer to most of life’s challenges.

In few words:

I love what I do