For the past two decades, I’ve been devoting a good amount of time understanding how much people beliefs trap them into faulty thinking about themselves and the world around them. 

In some way, we all anchor in our life our deepest beliefs and what we assume to be the truth. It makes our existence easier, more predictable. Safer. 

But the world is not a predictable place. While facing adversity, we might be more prepared if we challenge some of our deepest dysfunctional or limiting beliefs and exercise our brains by generating alternatives, specially those that do not come natural to us.

If you are comfortable with your settled brain, you do not need to read my posts anymore. Thank you for baring with me until this point. But if you want to be challenged to perceive yourself and the world differently, then come with me on this journey. Because if you do not hack your brain, someone else will!

For the next seven weeks, I will publish each week a detailed description of the mind hacks titled above. Hope you enjoy this ride as much as I did preparing it for you!

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