1. GRAVITY PROBLEMS. Problems that are not problems but a circumstance of your live


We all know what will happen if I decide to jump off a cliff. Gravity will take care of the rest. Unfortunately I will not fly. Even though human beings came up with brilliant solutions for flying, we did not grow wings in our bodies. I did a reality check with sky diving. It was not flying but the most spectacular, fastest and safer fall ever! Having a body that does not allow me to fly it is not a problem. But a circumstance of my life.
We all know people that find themselves miserable about complaints related with a colleague, the spouse, the boss, being over weight, smoking addiction, choices overload, no choices or chronic diseases. Not to mention things that have happened to them in the past. It feels like there is always a complaint about something. Often times, they have done nothing to change it. 
The fact is that we cannot solve a problem we are not willing to have. If it is not in our power to change it – like gravity – or if we are not willing to do anything about it, then it is not a problem but a circumstance of our life (Bill Burnett).
So what can we do? See through it and then solve it, or accept and reframe it or transcend it. This is how we overcome problems. 
The world is full of amazing people that took the helm of coming up with brilliant and impossible solutions for problems that apparently could not be solved. Like flying. You can choose to be one of these people rather than complain or just accept and reframe it not as a problem but as a circumstance of your life.
Over the past two weeks, I’ve had an amazing work experience leading eight days of capacity building classes for our young women at Girl Move Academy in Mozambique. These brilliant ladies experienced  mind blowing days of journaling, group process, experiential learning, joy, high excellence and deep learning. While designing their life purpose plans and diving deep into their core beliefs and values.
I was about to fly to Nampula and because of Covid reality I’ve had to cancel my flights and reframe to online the sessions I have vividly planned. Even with the communication challenges, our ladies have had an unique and amazing experience. Exactly as planned.
I was able to reframe the situation to what it was and adapt. I never looked at it as a problem, but as a circumstance of our lives, like so many other circumstances Covid related. My challenge question was reframed into: how can we provide the best mind blowing experience ever to our young women, considering that it will be online and the 31 of them will be spread out in small groups and different locations? And so we did.
Another example; not you of course, but I am sure you all have a friend that is not happy about being over weight. Every time you are together, after eating a junk food lunch and while ordering a heavy dessert, your friend complains about not feeling good with the body he or she has, and that everyday it is a struggle to choose the clothes to wear. Nothing fits, nothing looks or feels good. And while complaining, your friend does not show any signs of wanting to change his or her eating habits.
Therefore, I challenge you to thing about your own gravity problems and reframe the situations. Is it something you are willing to work on? Or is it a circumstance of your life and what you need is to adapt, live with it, stop complaining and move on? Because if you change nothing, nothing will change.
Whatever responsible decision you make, the world will unfold to you in a much brighter way! 
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